Overnight Dialysis

We offer overnight dialysis treatment at our clinic.
You can come to the clinic after working hours and obtain a better free time for yourself.
Overnight dialysis is a treatment that takes a longer amount of time, but will lead you to spend a nice weekend both physically and mentally.
The treatment is much gentler and slower that the body would have less burden, and there will be a better possibility to remove poisonous substance. You can also stabilize the blood pressure and improve anemia from this treatment.

● Once a week (on Friday night) Overnight Dialysis
*The treatment will occur for three times a week in the future.

● No additional fee for the overnight dialysis.

● You can enter the treatment room after 10:30pm. The treatment is 8 hours long which will last until around 7:00am.

 (We have night treatment proceeding until 10:00pm.)

● Management of Circulatory Dynamics with the Blood Volume Calculator Using the Blood Volume Calculator will let you have uninterrupted sleep by not needing to measure blood pressure while resting.

The process of Overnight Dialysis

Overnight dialysis will require you to transfer from the hospital to the clinic.
We will answer any questions or concerns you may have.
There is a test requires to see if you have the ability to have the extended dialysis

Hours of Operation

※Transportation service:The transportation service covers the following area. Minami-Ashigara, Oimachi, Matuda-machi, Yamakita-machi, Kaiseicho, and some parts to Odawara. Our service provides transportation within 30 minutes driving.

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